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Baby Names From The 80s That Are Making A Comeback

 Many parents are using baby names that are unique to the point that they have never been heard of until recently, and that even means that parents are using words as names such as many celebrities have such as Cardi B. Cardi B named her daughter Kulture with a K, and you already know about Kim Kardashian and North and Saint West. And, some older names are also coming back in style such as Sylvia and Evelyn. And, with that said, you would think that names from the 1980s would be on the outs but they actually are starting to make a comeback. The reason that names that were popular from the 1980s had died down for a while was because of the fact that the very popular ones were overused. And, overused names will end up inevitably burning out. But some are starting to be named by millennial parents. Maybe they were inspired by the names of the classmates they had but obviously who they had liked. Let’s look at some of the names that are starting to make a comeback from the 1980s.

Megan – This is a name that was popular in the 1980s and even in the 1990s that had died down for some time. The name derives from Margaret which is Anglo-Saxon for strong. It is a bold name which was popular for obvious reasons because of its powerful nature. And now, you are starting to hear baby girls named Megan again.

Ashley – This is one name that you would not think would be making any kind of comeback because it is most definitely associated with women born in the 1980s. The name is English for ash trees and it was originally used for boys but in the later part of the 20’s century, parents started using the name for girls. And it hit its peak for popularity in the 1980s and it started dying down in popularity in the mid-1990s. Now it is starting to come back.

Joshua – This is a biblical name as it has a meaning of God is salvation. This name for boys was extremely popular in the 1980s but it was used a lot less often in the 1990s and in the early 2000s. However, the popularity for this masculine name has been increasing and you will be coming across more and more little boys with the name Joshua.

Cody – This name was extremely popular in the 1980s for boys and even in the 1990s for a brief period. However, for a while, it was almost unheard of. The name originally was derived from the Irish surname, Mac Óda which means wealthy. Cody is used for boys but some girls are being named Cody as well. With that said, this has become a gender-neutral name.

Jasmine – Jasmine is a name of a flower and the popularity of the name was huge in the 1980s for girls. And it died down for a small period of time but in the 1990s it came back briefly because of the popularity of the movie, Aladdin. In the early 2000’s it was not heard of too often but recently, Jasmine has been starting to make a comeback.

Aaron – This is another biblical name that was hot in the 1980s as Aaron was the brother of Moses, and the name means messenger. It began to die down for a while in the late 1990s and in the early 2000s, but there are more little boys that are named Aaron nowadays and the number of little boys named Aaron will only increase again for the time being.

Chelsea – This is one name that you have heard in the 1980s and if you were born during that decade, there is a good chance that you had classmates with that name, and your name may even be Chelsea. It is of Old English for chalk wharf. It is unlikely you have come across many other girls born in this century named Chelsea until recently.

Abigail – There is a good chance that you have not come across many little girls born in the 1990s and in the early 2000s who are not little girls anymore with the name Abigail. However, this name was hot in the 1980s and Abigail is making a comeback. There are plenty more names from the 1980s that are beginning to make a comeback as well but you will be hearing these names more and more. The popularity of baby names go through cycles, and names from the 80s are making their way back now.

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